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Mountain Lemmings

December 29, 2008 I wanted to start this with a playful analogy about WVU fans being like lemmings, following the leader in mass. Or a herd of cattle stampeding across a field. more »»

Up, up and away

December 29, 2008 Look out the window. It’s that time of year. Snow is in the crisp and cold air and with each tentative step, your feet crunch in a new layer of light and fluffy crystals. more »»

Pat White’s Legacy Still in the Making

December 29, 2008 When Pat White came to West Virginia University from his home state of Alabama in 2005, it was for one reason and one reason only: he wanted to be a star quarterback. more »»

Official Review: Bill Stewart’s First Year

December 29, 2008 Elder statesman Bill Stewart came on the scene during an emotional period for the Mountaineers. more »»

W.Va.: The start of it all

November 24, 2008 The WWVA Jamboree opened at midnight on April 1, 1933 in the Capitol Theater in Wheeling and was broadcast on WWVA from the nearby Hawley Building. more »»

Anthology: Leaving W.Va. to write about home

November 24, 2008 Cheyenna Weber hails from Roane County, but lives in New York City now – and that is one of the seminal facts that defines he. more »»

Straddling the netherworld, searching for witches

October 28, 2008 Haunted Hills West Virginia seems to straddle the netherworld. more »»

The Flatwoods Monster extravaganza

September 23, 2008 In early September many communities throughout West Virginia will be preparing their annual celebrations of pumpkins, black walnuts, apples and other folksy charms. more »»

Starting Low — The Art of Painting Shoes

August 26, 2008 Benjamin Smith, a 24-year-old studio art graduate of Marietta College, who recently relocated to the most un-Ben Smith state there is: Wisconsin, (self-described as “one sexy,... more »»

Warner Theatre Shines On in Morgantown

August 12, 2008 Few cities of Morgantown’s size are blessed with a treasure like the Warner Theatre. more »»

David French — Making Our State Beautiful

July 29, 2008 After a stint in engineering, David Thayer French realized his calling and began art classes before meeting Starr Davis, a professional mural painter, and legend of the NoDa area in Charlotte, N.C. more »»

Randi Ward: A W.Va. Poet Who Truly Cares

July 15, 2008 By the look of her, there’s nothing that suggests lonesome traveler, multilingual poet or even experimental photographer. more »»

Top 5 'Country Roads' Covers

June 3, 2008 5 Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. So I’m watching this first YouTube clip of Me First and The Gimme Gimmes and I have to say I am shocked. more »»

‘Country Roads’ Kept Taffy Nivert Danoff Home

June 3, 2008 Taffy Nivert Danoff is one of the co-writers of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” — the official fight song of the WVU Mountaineers. more »»

Thirty Minutes with Morgan Spurlock

May 20, 2008 The connection was bad but even from 4,370 miles away I could hear the concern in Morgan Spurlock’s voice. more »»

Brian Logan No Longer Wrestling with the Past

May 7, 2008 The YouTube footage looks bad, real bad. You see an enraged Brian Logan leap from the ring and clothesline a fan who appears to be walking away. A fight materializes and then the video cuts out. more »»

Memorable Mustached Men of the Mountains

April 22, 2008 The mustache is indeed an enigmatic symbol of masculinity. Some men are even defined by their mustache, Charlie Chapin, Tom Selleck and Adolf Hitler. more »»

Save the Earth one Cell Phone At a Time

April 8, 2008 Consumers often overlook the impact of cell phone production on the environment. more »»

Dave Lavender is a Day Tripper to Remember

March 26, 2008 Huntington’s Dave Lavender has been a musician since he was a tot, a journalist since college and a day-tripper all his life. more »»

What’s More Irish than Beer? West Virginia

March 11, 2008 It’s indisputable to say the old and wild state of West Virginia has become quite the melting pot in its existence. more »»



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