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Morgantown environmental group keeps on eye on the water

April 27, 2011 Evan Hansen is the founder and one of the owners of the research-based environmental consulting group Downstream Strategies, in Morgantown. more »»

Read, Return, Repeat: A Lesson in Recycling

April 27, 2011 [Full disclosure: I am not a librarian but my day job is, more or less, centered around libraries. more »»

How I stopped hating Mother Nature and learned to hug a tree

March 30, 2011 I was fourteen, reading Seventeen, and came across one of those inane quizzes gracing magazines targeted at teenage girls. more »»

Are we dating like animals?

March 30, 2011 “Animals Showing Off” is an amazing National Geographic pop-up book that fell into my lap — or rather, I found it in the backseat of my car. more »»

Feeling lonely? Hop on the Internet

February 23, 2011 Well, Valentine’s Day has just passed. But what about those of us who are single? What should we celebrate? Let’s celebrate you. Let’s celebrate dating. Let’s celebrate the possibilities. more »»

The warm and fuzzy side of comic books

February 23, 2011 When you think about comic books, the first thoughts are probably about high-flying action and colorful adventure. more »»

From Hamlet to Moby Dick, politics in literature

January 26, 2011 A donkey and elephant duke it out over abortion. more »»

A new year and a new crop of comics

January 26, 2011 A new year has arrived, and for comic book fans, that simply means the calendar is ticking another day closer to one hotly anticipated release or another. more »»

Enjoying football: Fantasy turned reality, Part 1

December 28, 2010 Soon hormone levels will rise, but this isn't your menopausal mother's hot flashes. Conversations will ruminate on patriots, saints and eagles, but this isn't a history lesson. more »»

Radioactive Huntington

December 28, 2010 The ‘50s and ‘60s were not an assemblage of rocking and rolling “Happy Days” with “Laverne & Shirley” working at a brew factory singing, “Give us any chance we will make it… We’re going to make our... more »»

2010: A year in preview

November 23, 2010 It’s a year ending in zero. So we all know what that means: the remaining weeks of this calendar year will be a blur of Top 100 This or Best Thats of the Decade. more »»

On sucky gift giving

October 27, 2010 The purchasing and/or creating of any object to bestow upon another—it’s not easy, but we are all called upon to do it. Some go forth into gift giving with great gusto. more »»

You want to know what’s scary? Being an adult.

September 30, 2010 Most holidays evoke Kodak moments and Hallmark sentiment. Even if it is a charade to cover underlying hostility toward loved ones, you play along or risk leaving empty-handed and empty-stomache. more »»

Scooters 101: Your guide to awesome

August 25, 2010 (Ed. note: Motor scooters have, unfortunately, been most recently associated with that waif of an actor Zach Braff, thanks to his overrated “Garden State” movie. more »»

The sport of football and the rise of the Autumnal equinox

July 28, 2010 I was having this argument a couple of weeks ago. I told my friend I was sick of people putting down sports. more »»

Sen. Byrd’s impact felt statewide

June 30, 2010 While Sen. Robert C. Byrd’s legacy will be remembered throughout West Virginia, local officials say his financial impact on this and other areas of the state will be sorely missed. more »»

Best WV daytrips

June 30, 2010 I’ve been greedily hoarding books, pamphlets and other things that boast of West Virginia’s scenery and notable attractions, thinking that when I have enough money I’ll start nosin... more »»

Custom-made couture

June 30, 2010 A few weeks ago I fell in love. However, my new “sole” mate has been cooped up in my house waiting for me to come through with the perfect outfit for our first night out together. more »»

Fashion mags are filled with inspiration

May 26, 2010 Rarely a week goes by without getting into a friendly debate about fashion and why it's important. And a month doesn't go by without making one of my favorite purchases: Vogue magazine. more »»

Green modular homes are coming

April 28, 2010 Barbour County resident Ken Auvil has spent nearly 50 years researching and developing affordable and environment-friendly housin. more »»



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