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‘Southern Gothic,’ a cult horror flick with W.Va. ties

May 26, 2010 Vampires have an allure no matter what the setting or the generation. After a two-year delay due to a convoluted distribution rights odyssey, “Southern Gothic” has arrived at DVD counters. more »»

A rare parody that mostly flies

April 28, 2010 What boy or girl has not at some point imagined themselves as a super hero? How many have looked for a way to achieve a portion of their dream as a costumed, but (super) powerless hero by being a... more »»

Hot tubs and nerds fall short

March 31, 2010 “She’s Out of Your League” Nerds and nice guys, pay attention. Attractive women are considered too intimidating for many men. They often go dateless. more »»

‘Valentine’s Day’ suffers from ensemble casting

February 23, 2010 Often, I have similar opinions with critics on romantic comedy, but on “Valentine’s Day,” I have to dissent on some’s harshness. more »»

Hollywood ushers in the Apocalypse

January 26, 2010 Having viewed three post-Apocalyptic films in 10 days — “The Road,”  “Book of Eli,” and “Legion”  — I found two out of three superbly acted... more »»

WV native a leading man in the extras

January 26, 2010 Call him an experienced extra. Call him a featured extra. He’s appeared on screen in major motion pictures that he is now SAG (Screen Actors Guild) eligible. more »»

‘Avatar’ peaks into garden of Eden

December 29, 2009  Deep blue tweaking the old cowboys versus Indians genre with the white hats battling to drive the natives off their own land, director James Cameron has essentially won a cinematic battle of... more »»

Punt, pass and kick: Cinematic football

December 29, 2009 As the crowd swarms into what will be a packed stadium, cheerleaders and mascots promote their favorite teams while vendors push pop, popcorn, hotdogs, and beer. more »»

WEB ONLY: Top Football flicks

December 29, 2009 ”Any Given Sunday” (1999): Oliver Stone has often provided provocative suggestions of real events with his politically incorrect vantage (“J.F.K. more »»

'ARMORED': Just a hint of war in mostly standard crime/action drama

December 7, 2009 Two of the films’ opening in cinemas last weekend grappled with a former almost automatic box office doom to the film’s chances — characters who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and... more »»

West Virginia’s film image

November 23, 2009 West Virginia has a ‘horror’ flick image that it frankly shares with Texas, the Lone Star State. more »»

West Virginia related films

November 23, 2009 PSYCHOTRONIC WEST VIRGINIA FLICKS (Taking its name from the flick, “Psychotronic Man,” this genre represents low budget independent horror and spaghetti western... more »»

WEB EXTRA: Every West Virginian Helps Showcase State’s Image on Film

November 23, 2009 Portrayals of West Virginians in popular culture vary from positive to negative, however, West Virginia Gov. more »»

Ho Ho Holiday movies: From classics to horror

October 27, 2009 Along with turkey, Santa, and snow, the Thanksgiving through Christmas holiday period represents the second best time of year for moviegoing, except for the summer. more »»

Reviews: ‘Paranormal Activity’ and more

October 27, 2009 You’re sound asleep; you roll over, briefly awaken to a loud sound somewhere, you close your eyes then hear it coming close. more »»

‘Jennifer’s Body’ and more

September 29, 2009 What’s a teenage cheerleader want? She’s exceptionally pretty, has gained acceptance to the ‘I’m somebody’ high school networks, and she maintains a childhood friendshi... more »»

I ain’t scared of no ghost

September 29, 2009 On Halloween night in 1938, radio (then the equivalent of television) listeners heard some dance music, and then, “We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin…”more »»

A modern classic contender

August 25, 2009 Instead of interplanetary visitors arriving on Earth with lasers and other weapons blazing, an alien ship stalls over South Africa. Mechanical failure likely. more »»

'Post Grad' Alumni Worry More than Laugh

August 25, 2009 What’s a college movie with only a hint of parties, beer and boobs? It’s “Post Grad,” the first flick to arrive at megaplexes reflecting the impact of the deep recession on... more »»

Equally offending Bruno

July 28, 2009 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is the military status quo on homosexuality. For Austrian Bruno (Sacha Baron-Cohen), the equation would be, just look, you WILL know. more »»



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