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Can the MCU replace the wall-crawler?

September 25, 2019 They may end up working something out, but for now it seems Sony has taken Marvel's toy and gone home. more »»

GONE, and not reprinted: Licensed characters leave holes in Marvel history

August 28, 2019 Licensing deals and copyright law are stronger than just about any comic book afterlife. more »»

Comic movie Mount Rushmore: Who would make the cut?

July 31, 2019 (Editor's note: This article contains a spoiler for "Spider-Man: Far From Home." You've been warned.) One factor in having so many great comic book movies these days is great casting choices. more »»

Battinson: Same bat-whine, same bat-panic?

June 26, 2019 Previously, on “Freaking Out About Batman”... more »»

Out of their league? The 10 unlikeliest JLA members

May 29, 2019 After presenting my list of the 10 most unlikely Avengers last month, in the interest of providing equal time, here’s a list of the most unexpected Justice Leaguers. more »»

They’ll let anybody in...A look at the 10 unlikeliest Avengers

April 24, 2019 Free Comic Book Day on May 4 marks the debut of the Savage Avengers, which teams Brother Voodoo and Wolverine with newcomers Elektra, Venom, the Punisher and Conan the Barbarian. more »»

What comes after Endgame?

March 27, 2019 The Marvel Cinematic Universe brings an unprecedented run of success to a close this month with the release of ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ the story toward which all 21 of the franchise’s previous movies... more »»

Paying homage to ye ol’ Irish (ish) comic characters

February 27, 2019 St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday marking the fifth century death of its namesake, credited with bringing Christianity to his native Ireland. more »»

Multiversal matchmaking

January 30, 2019 It’s not easy for superheroes, or villains, to find love. more »»

Even superheroes need some self-reflection

December 26, 2018 Let's face it: Superheroes don't always succeed. Although they save the day more often than not, there are moments when many comic book characters fall shor. more »»

A near miss and missing Stan Lee

November 28, 2018 Twenty years ago, I didn't meet Stan Lee. As a high school graduation gift, my mother took my best friend, Jeff, and me to the Chicago Comic Con. more »»

Comic Christmas stories

November 28, 2018 When I say "Christmas special," you probably think of television, either an annual program headlined by various and sundry celebrities or an episode of a series that airs when December rolls around. more »»

No respect: Comic characters who get the shaft

October 31, 2018 By Evan Bevins Some comic book characters have developed unearned reputations as bad, lame or useless. more »»

Their alter egos have alter egos

September 26, 2018 Sometimes one alter ego just isn’t enough. more »»

No Spider-Man, no problem?

August 29, 2018 Face it, obscure Spider-Man-adjacent characters, you just hit the jackpot. more »»

West Virginia comic connections

July 25, 2018 West Virginia tends to be overlooked as a setting in a variety of media. more »»

What a tangled web: Continuity a help and hindrance in comics, movies

May 30, 2018 The proliferation of comic book movies has produced some excellent adaptations that bring the spirit and, in some cases, the letter and artwork of the originals to life. more »»

The Circle of Life: Comics influencing movies influencing comics

April 25, 2018 The Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on more than 75 years of comic book stories, but the movies are now influencing their own source material. Here’s 10 ways how: 10. more »»

Doctored resumes? Some characters didn’t earn titles

March 28, 2018 The term “doctor” gets thrown around pretty liberally in comic books, but not everyone who uses the title has the credentials to back it up. Take Doctor Doom. more »»

WV Native Releases Memoir of Growing Up in Webster County

February 28, 2018 Graffiti had an opportunity to interview Todd Snyder about his upcoming book, “12 Rounds in Lo’s Gym”. more »»



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