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FoxyBear funking up the WV music scene

July 25, 2018
By Richard Allen , Graffiti

FoxyBear, a relative newcomer to the West Virginia music scene, has certainly made an impression on all those who have witnessed their intoxicating blend of disco funk rock. Yes, you read that description correctly. Read on to learn more about the band's beginnings and when and where you can witness this musical tour de force of dance, disco, rock, and most importantly funk, in action!

I spoke with Molly Fox, lead vocalist for FoxyBear, to learn a bit more about the band's roots, what influences their music, what the future holds, and where to keep up with the latest band updates.

Based out of Charleston, WV, FoxyBear was born out of defeat. Fox explained that, "FoxyBear was formed in July 2017, after the city of Charleston made it nearly impossible to continue selling Dave's (Frazier, guitar/vocals) art from our apartment." No longer able to express and support themselves through their art, the two became unsatisfied and began seeking another outlet from which to let their creativity flow. "Frustrated at having our creativity thwarted, we decided the only logical course of action was to start a funk band. That's what comes of letting Bohemian Artist Scum into the neighborhood," Fox joked. "We don't need a permit to funk in a residential neighborhood!"

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The band consists of four members: Frazier on guitar and vocals; Jeremy Brown, who handles percussion; Molly Fox who handles lead vocal duties; and Tony Daniels who handles bass duties.

As for their style of music, the band labels themselves as "danceable funk rock," although Fox says that "the esteemed David B. Lloyd (of The Last Funkazoid/Stratus fame) calls us GO-GO, which we also dig." A staple for parties and events around town, Fox explains that the band is influenced by "Chic, Prince, Quazar, Ohio Players, Jamiroquai, GAP band, Slave, T Connection, and - of course - Parliament-Funkadelic and all the Pfunk family projects. Especially Brides of Funkenstein and Parlet!"

The band is adamant about bringing dancing to the masses. "We are determined to bring back the Soul Train line," said Fox. "Look for it soon at a FoxyBear show near you!"

Due to a recent line-up change there are not many upcoming performances booked, although look for that to change now that the band has solidified a permanent line-up. Hope in seeing the band live soon is not lost though, as FoxyBear does have one show booked for September 7th, 2018 at The Blue Parrot, which is located at 14 Capitol Street, Charleston, WV 25301. Aside from that the band is open and actively looking for more bookings, so any interested parties are encouraged to contact Molly Fox at for more information.

While FoxyBear has not released an album yet, there are demos available on the band's Bandcamp page at Merch is also in the works, with updates on both music and merch coming soon. Readers interested in finding out more about the band can follow them on Facebook at and on Instagram by following @foxybearfunk.

Fox wants readers to know that if they come out to a show, they will have a great time. "FoxyBear plays original music, impossible not to dance to." She adds, "if you can resist dancing, you might need to check your pulse, or you might be devoid of Funk."

Richard Allen is a freelance writer for various publications. He can be reached via email at or at



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